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    From the earliest days of its existence, mankind depended on electricity.  Nowdays technological advances would be unimaginable without electricity... In the very beginning of electricity production, electricity transport, and as the final form of human domination over all other nature resources  are the accumulation of electricity and  technological revolution in the form of batteries without which today's modern life can not be imagined ...

    .....By Darth

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    Telit Power d.o.o
    Street Kosovke Devojke 21b,
    18000 Niš, Serbia

    Tel. +381-18-4521-400
    Fax: +381-18-4576-440
    Email: office@telit.co.rs

    Telit Power d.o.o.
    - Mon - Friday : Od 09.00 do 16.00
    - Saturday : Od 09.00 do 14.00
    - Sunday: We don't work on Sunday

Background information

Some background information:

Telit Power d.o.o. company was founded in 2000.  Today it employs 5 workers in the design, preparation and development of all types of battery packs for almost all existing applications:
- Laptop batteries
- Hand tools batteries
- Cash registers batteries
- Camera batteries
- Any special battery pack

Our service includes: assistance in choice of the battery pack, in planning, production and installation.

In this way, we provide the highest quality in all phases, and for our customers a we become a reliable partner in solving the most exclusive demands.
Our guarantee is the tradition and knowledge of our professionals, the most sophisticated control systems and production with the implementation of all applicable European standards ...