• Lovely Elf - pink 6000mAh 1906

Lovely Elf - pink 6000mAh 1906

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PB Lovely ELF - pink
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Lovely Elf - pink

Technical data:

- Capacity 6000mAh
- Fast Charge and Self-charge  2.1A input and output deliver much faster charging speed than regular power bank with 1A port for female ( charge iPhone 37% faster )
- No buttons. No need to shake the power bank for charging. Three colors of LED light  to show the power status:   71% to 100% /green, 16% to 70% / yellow, 0% to 15% / red light.
- Curved design and smooth material make Lovely-Elf feel great in your hand like baby skin. The lovely rabbit ears are made of silicon rubber, wearable and kneading-proof.
- High density battery cells passing more 70 rigorous ROMOSS tests safeguard your device and let go of aby safety worries.

Romoss specifications
Weight 158 gr
Input DV5V 2.1A MAX.
Capacity 6000 mAh
ID number LE06-302-01
Size 102*66*14 mm
Output DC5V 2.1A
Charging time ~ 4 hours ( using 2.1A adapter )
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