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DC voltmetar and Ampermetar

RSD: 6,480.00 Din

The DC VA meter is a digital instrument designed to measure DC voltage and DC current. The measuring inputs are not galvanically separated from each other or from the supply voltage of the instrument - they have a common minus end and this must be taken into account when connecting. NoCHARACTERISTICVALUESNOTE 1DIMENSIONS (mm)86 x..


Li-Ion / LiPo Battery Charger TELIT POWER

Li-Ion / LiPo Battery Charger TELIT POWER Two hours fast LiIon or LiPo battery charger. Design varies from 3.6V, 7.2V 10.8V or 14.4V.  Input voltagesČ 12V, 24V or 220V. Charger design by customer request. Price: From 12000 din to 15000 din, depending on configuration...

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