Microprocessor controlled  Charger ACS 410 Traveller ANSMANN

Microprocessor controlled Charger ACS 410 Traveller ANSMANN

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Product Description

Microprocessor controlled Charger ACS410 Traveller ANSMANN

Desktop charger for NiCd/NiMH battery packs with 4-10 cells (4.8- 12V), for worldwide use
Microprocessor controlled charger for battery packs with discharge option

  • Charge control regardless of charge status, battery capacity and the size of the battery pack
  • Prevents overcharge
  • Trickle charge avoids discharge once batteries are fully charged
  • Faulty cell detection identifies defective battery packs
  • Discharge with discharge button to avoid MEMORY effect of NiCd packs
  • Worldwide use due to electronic switch mode power supply and interchangeable mains plugs (EU, UK, US, AUS)
  • Incl. multiple plug-in system and reverse pole coupling

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