Li-Ion  Battery Charger QUEEN ANT MC6 XTAR

Li-Ion Battery Charger QUEEN ANT MC6 XTAR

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Li-Ion  Battery Charger QUEEN ANT MC6 XTAR

QUEEN ANT can charge 6 Li-ion batteries at the same time while it is still portable and cost-effective. It can automatically distribute the most effective charging currents (0.5A/1A) for each slot. The tiny display shows you the charging current, battery power and charging status. With Micro USB charging port, you can charge everywhere conveniently.

Product Name QUEEN ANT MC6
Type Li-Ion Battery Charger
Inpu USB 1(5V 2.1A
USB 2 (5V 2.1A )
Charging current 1.0A x 2
1.0A x 2 ili 0.5A x 4
Cut-off Voltage 4.2V +- 0.05V
Operation Temperature 0-40 C
For Li-Ion batteries 3.6V / 3.7V /IMR/INR/ICR:
od 14500 - 32650
Can maximally charge two 32650 and four 18650 cells
148 x 111 x 34mm
Weight 200 g

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