NiMH / NiCd USB Battery Charger Comfort-Mini ANSMANN

NiMH / NiCd USB Battery Charger Comfort-Mini ANSMANN

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Product Description

NiMH / NiCd USB Battery Charger Comfort-Mini ANSMANN

  • For 1 or 2 NiCd - NiMH cells ( size AA and AAA )
  • Charging time 1.5 to 4 hours ( depends on battery capacity )

  • PERFECT 7 CHARGING – The next level NiMH charging technology
    1. Rapid capacity test
    Immediately after being inserted, the rapid capacity test determines the residual charge of your rechargeable battery and displays this in the LED panel for 5 seconds. The automatic detection of low-performance rechargeable batteries prevents unpleasant surprises.
    2. Gentle pre-charging
    A weak or deep-discharged rechargeable battery can be pre-charged with low current if required.
    3. Rechargeable battery analysis
    The rechargeable battery behaviour is analysed and evaluated to determine whether it can still be used reliably or if it is faulty.
    4. Rapid charge mode
    The new Comfort Mini from ANSMANN charges your compatible NiMH rechargeable batteries with up to 800 mA in a rapid and controlled process. This saves you not only wasted time but also enables you to manage with fewer rechargeable batteries in total.
    5. IQ shutdown
    Several protective mechanisms prevent the batteries inserted from overheating or overcharging. So you can sit back comfortably while your battery is being recharged to full capacity.
    6. Top-off charging
    This stage ensures that the battery is gently charged to 100% full.
    7. Trickle charging
    The battery is kept in a fully charged state by means of charging pulses
    Technical Specification
  • Power input: 5V DC
  • Output: 800mA



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