Battery pack for 9.6V MAKITA 192697-A

Battery pack for 9.6V MAKITA 192697-A

Product Code: RA9.6 MAKITA 9.6V 192697-A
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Battery pack for MAKITA 9.6V

Battery pack with 8 battery cells. Basic battery pack have 8 NiCd or NiMH SC 1.2V batteries.

You can choose cell model and capacity within the offered options. 

Replacement for:
Makita192697-A, 193058-7, 193099-3, 193156-7, 9133, 9134, 9135, 9135A

Compatible with following models:
Makita 6000 series 6207D, 6207 6317DWDE, 6222D, 6226D, 6226 6313DWBE, 6260D, 6261D, 6503D, 6503DWD, 6503 6317DWDE, 6503DWF, 6503, 6908D, 6908DWA, 6908 6317DWDE, 6909D, 6909 6317DWDE, 6990D, 6990DWD, 6990 6317DWDE, 6990DWF, 6990, 6991D, 6991 6317DWDE, 6992D, 6992 6317DWDE Makita series DA392D, DA392DWD, DA392DWF, DA392DZ

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